Jazz stories from Berlin (narrated and musical)!

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 New West   
Jazz Stories from the Twenties

Jazz Stories from Berlin: Stories from the New West, the younger of the two famous entertainment centers of Berlin, which gained immense prestige in the course of the Weimar Republic! Bourgeois influenced and distinguished, but open to the modernism of the 1920s, in architecture as well as in technology, and of course in music.

In the footsteps of musicians and jazz fans, technical progress, instruments and sound, social factors inevitably play a part – open gender issues, racism, anti-Semitism, and what unheard-of sounds!? Also see: Tour

Jazz Stories from Berlin in the Twenties

Babylon Berlin: Back to the Friedrichstadt, the notorious entertainment center of Berlin, still famous from the Empire! The Wilhelminian splendor persisted, now affordable for everyone. A turbulent chaos, accompanied by the sounds of industrialization. Driving rhythms and breathless sequences  – that was jazz!
A prelude to sex, drugs and rock´n roll, and and the jazz stories tell about it. Also see: Tour


Jazz Stories from Berlin in the Twenties

Babylon Berlin: The Weimar Republic stumbled from one crisis to the next between 1918 and 1933. She had more enemies than friends. But everyone wanted to have fun, only in what way?

According to rumors in the ‘misery district’ of the city, the barn district, light girls had fun with heavy boys and vice versa, or among themselves. Small stories emerged here and became great theatre! Also see: Tour



New West
Jazz Stories from Berlin during National Socialism

Berlin, 1933 – 1945: … of populism, manipulation, compromises and civil disobedience – in 1933 jazz was actually on the index! The music was defamed according to all the rules of racism. Nevertheless, she was an integral part of the Berlin entertainment! Never banned comprehensively, here even officially supported, there was confusion. What strategies did the regime pursue? And how could a jazz life look like in the circumstances?
Especially in the New West the Swings and their dance shaped the picture. Who were they and what did all this mean? Also see: Tour


Jazz Stories on  National Socialism

To Nazi Joseph Goebbels, populist and intriguer, the power of Swing was known, the music just had to be manipulated properly!” And those swing fans, who teamed up with Hot Clubs, should keep cool? Also see: Tour

… about music and people…