ALL DARK – Friedrichstadt

Jazz Tour of National Socialism

A city tour to historic venues of jazz, passing Anhalter and Potsdamer Bahnhof.

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The tours can be booked anytime, maybe in conjunction with a concert !?

Berlin, 1933-45: Jazz stories against the background of National Socialism? And in the immediate vicinity of buildings where terror was planned and terror was carried out! A jazz tour to historic venues is following up.

The power of Swing was known, the music had to be “just manipulated properly!” That’s why in Berlin that time carried a variety of jazz stories, basically as well in the traditional and quite run-down amusement center of Friedrichstadt. And those swing fans, who teamed up with Hot Clubs, should keep cool?

Musik 1933 – 45:

Internationale Musiker*innen:

Bennie Goodman
Django Reinhardt
Cole Porter – Born to dance
Irving Berlin – Swing high, swing low
Glenn Miller – In the mood

… in berlin

Jack Hylton

Berliner Kapellmeister:

James Kok
Erhard Bauschke
Kurt Widmann

Berliner Musiker:

Fritz Schulze/Fritz Schulz-Reichel


Rosita Serrano
Zarah Leander
Lale Andersen – Lilli Marleen


Die Goldene Sieben
Deutsches Tanz- und Unterhaltungsorchester (DTUO)
Charly and his Orchestra