KIND OF GOLDEN – Friedrichstadt

KIND OF GOLDEN – Friedrichstadt

Jazz Tour of the twenties

City walk to historic Berlin jazz venues from the twenties, passing the former Metropol Theater or the Moka Efti.

ight into the sinful  Babylon Berlin – the notorious demimonde:
City walk back to the Friedrichstadt. The infamous entertainment center of Berlin was still infamous from the Empire! The Wilhelminian splendor persisted, now affordable for everyone. A turbulent social mess!

A prelude to Sex, Drugs and Rock’n’Roll!

In 1918, jazz sounded like industrialization, mechanization. so it was absolutely contemporary. For the workers, his hectic pace and nervousness meant revolution and stood for completely new times. In their optimism, the sounds could really inspire many. They reached the progressive artists in their eccentricity. Then jazz served as the dance music in times of dance craze. Cakewalk and Shimmy were framing  the first half of the twenties, Charleston in the second. T

From a technical point of view, however, the music was so extraordinary that many trained musicians preferred to continue to play classical music or light music. That’s why spontaneously-based Jazzbänder, as they were called, from amateur musicians took on this task. There was no time for them. Jazz developed rapidly. Each new jazz style opened the music again to other social circles.

Inevitably, we are in the midst of the issues of those days, such as modernity, gender and drug consumption.

Some places in the Friedrichstadt mirrored these conflicts in a special way. This City walk reminds of it locally.

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City Walk to historic Berlin jazz venues from the twenties in Berlin Mitte meeting turbulent social and political circumstances
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