City walks through Berlin in the Twenties , Thirties, and Fourties: Right in the middle of light entertainment in heavy times!


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As a historian and freelance author, I would like to invite you. (Re-)discover the city through its history and music: on Jazztours!

City walks through Berlin in the Twenties , Thirties, and Fourties: Best suited for this are the late afternoons or the evening hours. Berlin in the twenties already was regarded as Electropolis , the city that never sleeps. The local electrical industry was the world leader. A comprehensive lighting turned the evening and the night in Berlin into promises. After work was done, all sorts of amusements were waiting. Their ranges were wide.

Among them today you find JAZZTOURS. And the Berlin lights continue to shine. But of course I´d like to meet your expectations in terms of time.

The jazz tours of the New West
and the jazz tours of Friedrichstadt present the two historical entertainment-centers. On the other hand, the Jazz Tour of the Seunenviertel takes place in the city’s misery district. Until 1942 he had the reputation of an East Jewish ghetto.

All of them tell social and cultural stories. They occurred in the twenties, thirties and forties. We follow the jazz-protagonists to their places. These venues are still able to lend the stories a special charm. And there they are, the co-players just like the opponents.

Jazz was music, but also a phenomenon with many sides! This is what are the City walks through Berlin in the Twenties .. about.

The detailed descriptions you find here:

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Matt Charlton / The Radio Times