Berlin: Right in the middle of light entertainment in difficult times!

As a historian and freelance author, I would like to invite you to rediscover the city through its history and in a musical way: on jazz tours through Berlin.

Best suited for this are the late afternoons, the early – and / or evening hours, as Berlin was already regarded as an electropolis in the twenties, the city that never sleeps. The local electrical industry was the world leader and comprehensive communal lighting turned the evening and the night in Berlin into a special kind of experience in the mid-twenties. After the work was done, all sorts of amusements and a wide range of entertainments were on offer. And finally, the jazz tours also want to keep you entertained. And Berlin’s lights continue to shine. But I like to meet your expectations in terms of time.

The jazz tours of the New West
and the jazz tours of Friedrichstadt present the two historical entertainment centers of Berlin and tell social and music stories from the times of the Weimar Republic or National Socialism. We follow in the footsteps of the jazz protagonists – musicians as well as fans – and those of the opponents to the former venues of music. In my opinion, these places of events are still able to lend the stories a special charm.

Jazz was music, but also a phenomenon with many sides!

I offer different tours. The detailed descriptions can be found under the following links:

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I also offer individual and private tours that are tailored to your wishes. Please contact me. I will be glad.