ALL DARK – New West

Jazz Tour of National Socialism

Walking to historic venues of jazz in Western Berlin passing Olivaer Platz to Schaubühne , Lehniner Platz

Registration under 0171/5483492 oder

The tours can be booked anytime, maybe in conjunction with a concert !? € 15 / person, two or less at least € 45

  • meeting in front of BMW-Haus, Kurfürstendamm 31, 10719 Berlin; ending ca 120 Minutes later in front of Schaubühne, € 15, discounts possible

I am happy to meet your individual needs, just contact me in advance!

Berlin, 1933 – 1945: … of populism, manipulation, compromises and civil disobedience – in 1933 jazz was actually on the index! The music was defamed according to all the rules of racism. Nevertheless, she was an integral part of the Berlin entertainment! Never banned comprehensively, here even officially supported, somehow there was confusion. What strategies did the regime pursue? And how could a jazz life look like in the circumstances?
Especially in the New West the Swings and their dance shaped the picture. Who were they and what did all this mean? The jazz tour is looking for explanations.

Musik 1933 – 45:

Internationale Musiker*innen:

Bennie Goodman
Django Reinhardt
Cole Porter – Born to dance
Irving Berlin – Swing high, swing low
Glenn Miller – In the mood

.. in Berlin:
Kerb Flemming
Lubo d´Orio
Tullio Mobiglia

Berliner Musiker*innen:

Helmut Zacharias
Kurt Hohenberger
Peter Igelhoff – Dieses Lied hat keinen Text
Evelyn Künnecke – Sing, Nachtigal, sing
Coco Schuhman
Otto Stenzel – Musik, Musik, Musik


Die Goldene Sieben
Charly and his Orchestra