Jazz Tour of the twenties

A city walk to historic venues of jazz, past the Gedächtniskirche and the Theater des Westens.

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A city walk can be booked anytime, maybe in conjunction with a concert!? € 15 / person, two or less at least € 45

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City walk in the “Sündenbabylon” Berlin: Let us look behind the facade of the GOLDEN ZWANZIGER!How did jazz actually come to Berlin from America and how was it received?Where were the places and who were the protagonists?First of all, how did the music sound?

Highly controversial and hotly contested jazz in the entertainment of the industrialized Berlin immediately after the First World War was a must. The music expressed the attitude towards life of many city dwellers and fit in exactly with the zeitgeist. Therefore, the local musicians immediately developed a method of simply taking more syncopation – signs to interrupt regular rhythms and symbols for jazz, inserting them into popular folk songs or dances and playing the whole thing a bit more chaotic. That’s what they called Berlin jazz and were up to date! Since the city walk stops in!

Because jazz evolved dynamically in the course of the GOLDEN ZWANZIGER and beyond and produced very different varieties, the music reached people of various social origins and in 1929 was layer overlapping popular.

In the footsteps of musicians and jazz fans, instruments and technical progress, the city walk inevitably comes down to racism and anti-Semitism, gender issues, and of course the outrageous sounds.

A first youth movement ushered in the pop era. And the modern amusement center, the then New West, lured with special promises, and does so to this day – impressive buildings and a modern atmosphere!


1918 – 1933 – Musik:

Internationale Musiker*innen:

Original Dixieland Jass Band – Tiger Rag (1917)
King Oliver
Louis Armstrong
George Gershwin – Rhapsodie in Blue
Irving Berlin – Blue Skies
Bix Beiderbecke
Eddie Lang & Joe Venuti
Duke Ellington – It don`tmean a thing ..

.. in Berlin:

Mike Danzi
Josephine Baker
The Virginians

Berliner Musiker*innen:

Original Excentric Jazzband – Tiger Rag (1919)
Dajos Béla
Weintraubs Syncopators
Georg Haentzschel
Franz Grothe