KIND OF GOLDEN – The Scheunenviertel

Jazz Tour of the twenties

The culture of the barn district! Let’s stroll past historic venues of jazz among other things, such as the Berlin Ensemble or Clärchens Ballhaus!

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The culture of the barn district, the so-called underworld: Between 1918 and 1933, the Weimar Republic had a hard time and more enemies than friends. But they all wanted to have fun. And in what way?

In the “slum district” of the city, the Scheunenviertel, light girls allegedly were having fun with heavy boys and vice versa, or among themselves. Here were lots of little stories. And they became great theatre and and grandiose cabaret!

Jazz band and Tap Dance were to be in this area too. How did the music get on? You had dancing mania. The war was over, the people had survived, and the monarch was gone! The American dances shaped the bustle. Often right next to it were separees, which were just as useful as well for love affairs as they were for trickeries.

Berlin’s cultural stories dare a humorous look in the spirit of the Berlin entertainment of the twenties.

the culture of the barn district howewer had its downsides: it was especially threatened by Anti-Semitism and its catastrophic effects! The majority of the inhabitants of the barn area had always been of Jewish origin. They had built and shaped the district. As cultural life in general! That gave rise to a lot of rumors and clichés. About creativity despite all.

So therefore we try to take a more differentiated view on what was going on.

KIND OF GOLDEN – Women in Jazz

Jazz Tour of the Twenties

The Jazz Tours explore cultural and social histories related to jazz, in its musical characteristics and also as an attitude towards its time. In the Scheunenviertel, it takes us to 4 venues of jazz and other amusements from the Weimar Republic. Berlin was the scene of a highly creative jumble of the most diverse international influences. And jazz provided the sound to match. At the Scheunenviertel we meet some important female protagonists around music and Berlin.


Marianne Faithful, 20th Century Blues

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the culture of the Barn District
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