Weintraubs Syncopators was founded in 1924. The seven men played 42 instruments each time they performed. At that time, all entertainment musicians were multi-instrumentalists. They also changed their clothes constantly. And they offered acrobatics and fun. Clownesque behavior was simply part of their art. But they were serious about the music.

In some pieces, jazz was just one color of their musically diverse sound. Others, however, made obvious clearly the orientation towards the sound of New Orleans Jazz. That is why in the late 1920s and early 1930s the Weintraubs very successfully represented German jazz, at home and abroad. They took the Berlin Melange closer to genuine jazz! They appeared in all revue theaters, and also in the film ´Der blaue Engel`with Marlene Dietrich.

From 1927 onwards, Friedrich Hollaender sat at the piano. From 1933 all of them should have emigrated due to their Jewish origin. The opportunities presented themselves on their tours. Most of the members ended up in Melbourne, Australia. Hollaender fled to Hollywood. There he became a film composer for Charlie Chaplin and Billy Wilder. He knew the latter as Abraham Wilder from Berlin. Another band pianist, Martin Roman, stayed in Berlin. In 1943 he was put in a concentration camp. He got away with life thanks to his musical skills. This is how all Weintraubs made it. The days of the Berlin Melange however irretrievably were over.

Weintraubs Syncopators Jackass blues

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